Jeremy Hazen


VeloTee happened out of necessity. It was late in the spring a few years ago while I was working with a former hitting client who wanted a few “refresher” hitting lessons. I had just purchased a new batting tee, but the only problem was it was missing a base for the tee. I decided to bring the batting tee to the lesson in hopes there was a rubber home plate with a tee base I could use. Turns out the cage we were using didn’t have a home plate or tee base I could utilize. Instantly, my mind started racing thinking about ways to design a bat bag that was shaped like a home plate with multiple tee slots.

First, I wanted the player to have a point of reference of where to stand during setup instead of me just saying “here kid, here is my hat/glove/bucket top, that’s your home plate”. I also wanted the player to be able to move the batting tee to multiple pitch locations for inside, middle and outside swing work. Lastly, I wanted the bat bag to be extremely sturdy and constructed of the highest quality material for durability. What ensued has been nothing short of an obsession to bring this idea to life.

Having a heart for helping kids get better, whether it be softball or baseball, I knew I wanted to make a bat bag that kids of all ages along with coaches could use to get better.

VeloTee isn’t just another bag, it is